10:00 < SandraB_ChatMon> Hi everyone, I'm Sandra Brás from the RIPE NCC and I am the chat monitor for this session. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A. Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
10:00 < SandraB_ChatMon> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
10:01 < netravnen-6695> ripe_995: if you registered using the early form. You will be prompted do download the client (if not installed) first time you try to connect to a Zoom meeting.
10:01 < rhe-786> ripe_995: It's an individual link. If you registered you should have received an email with the subject "RIPE 80 - Zoom Webinar Invitation"
10:01 < rhe-786> There's a link in that to follow to do a second stage of registration and get a personalised link.
10:02 < Axu-197032> you can download the client from front page too
10:02 < kaveh> or you can follow here if not using zoom:
10:04 < kaveh> questions and comments from here will be read by SandraB_ChatMon
10:05 < SandraB_ChatMon> Thanks Kaveh. Please read above. State your name and organisation and I will make sure to send the questions to the Chair
10:05 < ferenc_RIPENCC_> #coop
10:07 < SandraB_ChatMon> For any technical issues, please connect to
10:11 < DoDo> what would be the prize(s)?
10:11 < SandraB_ChatMon> Any questions?
10:11 < SandraB_ChatMon> DoDo, would you like me to ask that to HPH?
10:11 < DoDo> nah, just kidding.
10:12 < Kurt> good morning! good to see so many people attending!
10:12 < Cynthia> Dog in the background :)
10:12 < Axu-197032> My name is Aleksi Suhonen / TREX Regional Exchanges Oy, and my question is: what is the name of the dog?
10:13 < SandraB_ChatMon> :) Aleksi, I will pass it on :)
10:16 < mcr> I want to know what the Dog's ASN is.
10:19 < DoDo_> any plan to make current policies availble in other languages?
10:19 < Axu-197032> DoDo_: personally i think that won't be efficient use of the member fees
10:19 < SandraB_ChatMon> DoDo, can you tell me your name and organisation?
10:20 < SandraB_ChatMon> so i can send the question to HPH?
10:20 < Axu-197032> DoDo_: since there are hundreds of languages in the ripe region
10:20 < Cynthia> ^
10:20 < DoDo_> Dodo as an indivitiual, no organization
10:21 < Cynthia> cute name :)
10:21 < DoDo_> APNIC has done that as far as I know
10:22 < SandraB_ChatMon> Any other questions?
10:22 < rsc> Is Ulka using a chroma keying? I don't have a RIPE background at home :)
10:23 < SandraB_ChatMon> Name and org?
10:23 < SandraB_ChatMon> :)
10:23 < SandraB_ChatMon> please
10:23 < Axu-197032> rsc: i think the zoom client can remove any background, not just chroma key
10:23 < kaveh> rsc, it is a feature from zoom
10:23 < rsc> Axu-197032, kaveh: Thank you for the explanation :)
10:24 < kaveh> doesn't need a chroma screen if your computer has enough processing power
10:24 < Axu-197032> or a gpu
10:24 < Jelte> and if there's not *too* much difference in color in your background
10:25 < Jelte> at least the linux client can't handle that very well
10:26 < SandraB_ChatMon> Boris Duval 9:53 AM Hi Sandra! As you will be Chat Monitor for the Newcomers session, could you share the info below to the chat when it will be quiz time (at the end of the session)? Participate to the RIPE Meeting 101 Quiz! You can join via or the Kahoot! app. Don’t forget to add your registration number to your nickname. URL:[CUT]
10:26 < Axu-197032> SandraB_ChatMon: too much information ;-p
10:27 < SandraB_ChatMon> LOl sorry. Too much copy paste on my end :)
10:27 < SandraB_ChatMon> thanks for understanding :)
10:27 < Axu-197032> no problem
10:29 < mcr> I can't see what the zoom client offers me that the web + IRC doesn't do for me, at significantly lower cybersecurity risk. (please use the webrtc for zoom if you can)
10:31 < Axu-197032> mcr: i'm running both today, but probably won't bother with zoom tomorrow :)
10:31 < amd2-ripe> imo, using the zoom client makes you a bit more two-away accessible where as web is more oneway, with irc being a delayed feedback
10:31 < ripe_242> I missed the kahoot pin
10:31 < ripe_242> Could someone repeat it for me?
10:31 < Axu-197032> mcr: and i only run zoom on my gaming computer
10:31 < amd2-ripe> I do not really see web + irc as much of a disadvantage
10:31 < Axu-197032> Game PIN: 09367794
10:31 < ripe_242> thanks!
10:32 < mcr> translate /j/12345 -> /wc/join/1234, to get webrtc. Or hit cancel on the "odg-open" dialog *twice*
10:33 < mcr> I'm streaming #unitedwestream for Berlin Clubs in the background (alas, not live), so that I'll feel like I'm in Berlin.
10:34 < Axu-197032> zoom client connections via the web frontend don't work for me at all, i have to hack the passwords and meeting numbers from the urls
10:34 < Axu-197032> (debian/sid)
10:34 < mcr> Axu-197032, I have not had a problem, provided I hack the URL and/or hit cancel twice.
10:35 < altf4> Just out of curiosity, can somebody using zoom on a dual-stack connection tell if zoom is using IPv6?
10:35 < mcr> The webrtc does not have gallery view, but both modes are generally wrong for almost every meeting I've been.
10:35 < mcr> altf4, I am on dual public v4/v6, but I haven't looked.
10:36 < Axu-197032> altf4: my computer has no ipv6 udp or tcp connections open right now, and i've got zoom open
10:36 < altf4> Axu-197032: I suppose that is bad news
10:36 < mcr> :-(. Another reason to not like zoom.
10:36 * ripe_454 slaps casdr around a bit with a large fishbot
10:37 < altf4> out of the many other ones
10:37 < Axu-197032> altf4: it's not proof that it doesn't use ipv6 tho, because happy eyeballs...
10:37 < casdr> why :(
10:37 < ripe_755> would the meeting continue in the same streaming or we have to join zoom
10:37 < Axu-197032> altf4: my irc connection seems to have decided to use ipv4 as well
10:38 < altf4> Axu-197032: How so it might just be a problem with the connection or the computer itself
10:38 < Axu-197032> altf4: something like that
10:38 < mcr> I'm finding the coffee a bit weak.
10:39 < phessler> ripe_755: yes, the meeting will continue in this stream, both in web and zoom
10:39 < ripe_755> Thanks!
10:41 < Axu-197032> mcr: btw, i meant launching the zoom client via firefox, not using the webrtc interface...
10:41 < mcr> right, so I fixed that with "rm -rf"
10:42 < Axu-197032> apt-get remove is neater
10:42 < Axu-197032> doesn't leave loose ends
10:43 < mcr> I never saw a dpkg install, I think.
10:45 < Axu-197032> when you download the linux client, it asks you which packaging format you want, and there's like 7 or 8 options
10:45 < Axu-197032> .deb is near the top
10:46 < rsc> Zoom Linux client? I got a Windows executable offered...thus using the web-only client now.
10:47 < mcr> rsc: there is a debian and tgz if you look carefully, but you probably don't want it.
10:48 < rsc> mcr: ah. Maybe the Zoom automagic to detect the platform doesn't know RHEL/CentOS :)
10:48 < mcr> . o O ( might be a feature )
10:50 < bengan> I'm using opensuse. there is rpm-packages
10:53 < Cougar> does anyone have working container for zoom?
10:54 < mcr> cough. cough ( *F*I*R*E*F*O*X* )
10:54 < mcr> the webrtc has always used real TLS, rather than fake ECB.
10:54 < Axu-197032>
10:54 < Cougar> I would run 'native' app but only in container ;) otherwise ff is ok too oc ;)
10:55 < mcr> except for lack of Gallery mode, and no background hacking, it does pretty much everything.
10:55 < Axu-197032> this gives me 10 different options, including things like "Oracle Linux"
10:55 < Axu-197032> there's separate packages for centos, fedora, redhat and opensuse, which all use rpm tho?
10:59 < luna> Only for me the Zoom stream crashed?
10:59 < rsc> luna: works here, still elevator music
11:00 < Remco-25595> free up your zoom client, use
11:00 < Axu-197032> Remco-25595: why is there no twitch stream? ;-p
11:00 < Remco-25595> so you can still videoconference while you're watching the meeting :)

09:59:48 From Sandra Brás : Hi everyone, I'm Sandra Brás from the RIPE NCC and I am the chat monitor for this session. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation.

The chat window is meant for discussion ONLY. Please remember to select 'all panelists and attendees' when sending your messages otherwise only panelists see what you’re writing.
09:59:54 From Ulka_RIPENCC to Axu / TREX, All Panelists : Yes you can. A RIPE NCC Chat monitor will copy your questions into the Zoom Q&A on your behalf.
10:00:00 From Sandra Brás : Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on

If you need Live transcription, please visit
10:00:26 From Melchior Aelmans : Good morning!
10:00:53 From Mirjam Kühne : Good morning, Melchior and all :-)
10:01:18 From Jesus Gamarra Alvarez : good morning
10:01:38 From Nitesh Saldur : Good Morning
10:02:08 From Frank Altpeter : Moin (morning at Hamburg, DE) :)
10:02:52 From Melchior Aelmans : Yes works
10:02:54 From Denesh Bhabuuta : Morning all attendees.. and the team running the webinar in the background.
10:03:01 From Michael Kafka : sharing works
10:05:34 From Sergey Myasoedov : Good morning everyone
Have Denesh performed a traditional morning walk? ;-
10:05:45 From Sergey Myasoedov : ;-)
10:05:56 From Piotr Strzyżewski : Good Morning everyone :)
10:06:24 From niall : Hello from Dublin, IE
10:06:34 From Sander Steffann : Good morning all!
10:06:46 From Erik Bais : Good morning everyone !!
10:06:49 From Raymond Jetten : Good morning to everyone !
10:06:59 From Julf Helsingius : Good morning!
10:07:02 From Michael Oghia : Good morning all, it’s my first RIPE meeting :-) While I know it’s not exactly the same, one of the perks is that someone like myself who cannot typically make it can participate, so thanks to everyone at RIPE and RIPE NCC who made this happen!
10:07:07 From Marc Groeneweg : Mornin’all!
10:07:21 From Sander Steffann : Welcome Michael!
10:07:31 From Michael Oghia : Thanks Sander!
10:08:31 From Mirjam Kühne : Welcome Michael and all other RIPE Newcomers.
10:09:00 From Denesh Bhabuuta : Hey Sergey unfortunately no morning walk today.. I injured my right foot a few days ago.. so am resting it.. otherwise I had been completing at least 10Km walk everyday.. but also I had a lie in today.. we ran the first virtualUKNOF yesterday. :-)
10:09:41 From Daniel Karrenberg : @denesh: nice uknof yesterday, well done. Had to leave early but would have liked to stay to the end.
10:11:05 From Michael Oghia : Thank you Mirjam!
10:11:40 From Denesh Bhabuuta : @daniel thank you for your kind words and thank you for being there. :-)
10:11:47 From Piotr Strzyżewski : Oh, HPH's lovely dog in the background :)
10:11:48 From Melchior Aelmans : Hans Petter be nice to your dog :-D
10:13:18 From Daniel Karrenberg : hph’s daughter’s dog. I am a witness that he is very nice to it.
10:14:00 From Menno Schepers to Erik Bais, All Panelists : Hi Erik, in your Zoom settings, under Share Screen, disable the ‘Enter full screen when a participant shares screen’ option
10:14:10 From Julf Helsingius : On the Internet, nobody is supposed to know you are a dog...
10:14:37 From Daniel Karrenberg : @julf: wuff!
10:15:00 From Melchior Aelmans : Changing it to SLURM! :)
10:15:11 From Melchior Aelmans : See you at the session on Thursday :)
10:15:30 From Daniel Karrenberg : SLURM?
10:15:52 From Melchior Aelmans : yes so we are asking RIPE to create a SLURM file instead of ROAs with AS0
10:16:27 From Julf Helsingius : Melchior: perfect sentence for newcomer session :)
10:17:18 From Melchior Aelmans : Hahaha you are totally right :)
10:17:24 From Melchior Aelmans : Sorry for deep dive ;)
10:17:28 From niall : So how should I expand SLURM?
10:17:51 From Marc Groeneweg : Are there any newcomers!?
10:18:19 From Nitesh Saldur : I am
10:18:20 From Michael Oghia : One here!
10:18:23 From Sander Steffann : RFC 8416 : Simplified Local Internet Number Resource Management with the RPKI (SLURM)
10:18:28 From Per-Åke Wecksell : I am :)
10:18:36 From Wolfgang Tremmel : Aren't we all newcomers this time?
10:18:44 From Marc Groeneweg : True, true
10:18:46 From benyu zheng : Haha
10:19:30 From Rosario Torre : This is my first time, hi all from Italy
10:19:35 From Femi Dakobiri : New comer here, and joining slightly late. Hope I haven't missed much?
10:19:59 From Daniel Piekacz : I’m newcomer too.
10:20:14 From Harshiva Matcha : +1 ^
10:20:14 From Michael Oghia : Isn’t SLURM a reference to Futurama? :)
10:20:15 From niall : Thanks, Sander!
10:20:21 From Rumy Spratley-Kanis : Femi: all sessions are recorded! and welcome :)
10:20:30 From Sandra Brás : To remind everyone here that if you have questions please write them in the Q&A chat and please state your name and organisation
10:21:05 From Femi Dakobiri : Thanks, Rumy
10:21:15 From Sander Steffann : Akitas are cute! :)
10:23:06 From Falk VON BORNSTAEDT : Hello to everyone. How many People are in the room?
10:23:07 From Falk VON BORNSTAEDT : Regards
10:23:13 From Falk VON BORNSTAEDT : Falk von Bornstaedt
10:23:54 From Martina de Mas : Hi Falk, we have 445 attendees
10:24:05 From Fergal Cunningham : The survey key findings that Hans Petter mentions are available here (and investigating language options is in there!):
10:25:33 From Sandra Brás : Boris Duval
9:53 AM

Hi Sandra!
As you will be Chat Monitor for the Newcomers session, could you share the info below to the chat when it will be quiz time (at the end of the session)?
Participate to the RIPE Meeting 101 Quiz!
You can join via or the Kahoot! app. Don’t forget to add your registration number to your nickname.
Game PIN: 09367794
10:26:51 From Michael Oghia : Sorry for the noob question, where do we find our registration number?
10:27:16 From Michael Oghia : (I’m still going through the info that NCC sent out, I’m sure you already included it there)
10:28:00 From Jolien Hermans : Michael, I have the same question, you are not alone :-)
10:28:01 From Nebojsa Regoje : you got it in the confirmation e-mail after the registratuion
10:28:17 From Michael Oghia : Haha thank you Jolien :) And heal Nebojsa!
10:28:22 From Michael Oghia : Hvala**
10:28:41 From Nebojsa Regoje : cheers!
10:28:51 From Vesna Manojlovic : Hi Michael! The subject of the confirmation email is “Your Registration for RIPE 80” , if you need to search for it
10:29:07 From Michael Oghia : Hvala puno Vesna! I just found it :)
10:31:31 From Jolien Hermans : Vesna, is it the meeting ID?
10:32:15 From Vesna Manojlovic : Jolien: no, it’s part of the text, starting with: “-----------------------
Your Registration
Your registration number is “
10:32:31 From Marc Groeneweg : So I was trigger happy. Didin’t note the reg num requirement :-(
10:33:10 From Michael Kafka : did I miss something?
10:33:27 From Vesna Manojlovic : Actually, I have a follow-up question — why do you (Jolien, Micheal) want to know your meeting registration number?? What did I miss?
10:33:37 From Jolien Hermans : For the Kahootquiz
10:33:45 From Vesna Manojlovic : Aaahhh .. thanks!!!
10:34:06 From Vesna Manojlovic : Jolien, did you find it?
10:34:09 From Michael Oghia : Thanks all, good luck today! I’ll be coming in and out as time permits. I love what you all have done for this, though, and look forward to participating!
10:34:30 From Michael Oghia : Ciao for now :)
10:34:42 From Jolien Hermans : No, I do not have a mail with that subject line… Doesn’t matter, just confirmation for the zoom registration etc
10:36:09 From Vesna Manojlovic : Jolien, the email should have arrived from meeting [at] ripe [dot] net
10:38:08 From Vesna Manojlovic : you can register again, here:
10:41:35 From Carsten Schiefner : just testing my connection: is it the break already?
10:41:59 From Maria Isabel Gandia : Yes
10:42:22 From Carsten Schiefner : thanks!
10:43:51 From Jolien Hermans : Vesna, I registered again, don’t seem to receive the mail. Checked junk/spam as well, nothing.
10:45:53 From Martina de Mas : Hi Jolien, Martina here. I just forwarded you the confirmation email again from meeting [at] ripe [dot] net
10:45:57 From Killian Boubennec : hello everyone
10:48:13 From Ayane Satomi : Good morning/evening/afternoon/noon to everyone attending today
10:53:38 From Jolien Hermans : Martina, thanks for the effort, but it didn’t arrive
10:56:12 From Kurt Kayser : what about recording information about this meeting? Is it done on all sessions, from all participants?