12:59 < Michela_ChatMonitor> Hi everyone, I'm Michela Galante from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A. Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
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13:00 < luna> here we go :)
13:06 < Michela_ChatMonitor> Will van Gulik has begun the presentation "Peering (Dis)Agreements during Covid-19 Times".
13:06 < amd2-ripe> nice font :-)
13:13 < Michela_ChatMonitor> Will van Gulik has asked for questions.
13:15 < Oliver_RIPENCC> no we'll wait until this session has ended, in the meantime you can open the same page incognito or a different browser
13:16 < Oliver_RIPENCC> oops :) ignore this if your livestream is working fine ;)
13:17 < blake> Telecom Italia Mobile temporarily opened up their peering as well:
13:17 < amd2-ripe> on /live it's been fine
13:21 < Michela_ChatMonitor> The presentation has ended.
13:22 < Michela_ChatMonitor> Benjamin Schilz & Raphael Maunier have begun the presentation “The Challenge of Operations under Covid-19 Restrictions”
13:27 < Md> blake: Telecom Italia was forced to peer by the competition regulator with "all italian ISPs" for a decade, in 2001 IIRC. this was before there was a communications regulator, which then has been worse then useless. so they stopped peering shortly after this ended, with the idea of having the OTTs pay for peering and explicitely (as in: this was said in public by the managers involved) taking Comcast as a
13:27 < Md> role model
13:31 < blake> Grazie Md
13:37 < luna> Congrats :)
13:37 * Axu-197032 applauds thunderously.
13:37 < blake> "clap track"
13:37 * nick-2128 thunders applaudiously
13:37 < amd2-ripe> must have been such a great relief to see the cabling done well
13:38 < matoa-36924> Hi! Mathieu Paonessa from GVA; Quick question / private joke for Volterra guys: I'm waiting for my cross connect in Lisbon to be delivered. When will you have my IP Transit ready? ;-) Beside that great job on this!
13:38 < will-h> la rochelle lol
13:38 < phessler> the cabling looked great. maybe some stylistic differences, but that was pretty nicely done.
13:39 < blake> IMHO it depends as much on the individual datacenter/country team as it does on the company
13:39 < amd2-ripe> it can be really hard to predict
13:39 < Axu-197032> phessler: pretty smart for a french rack, eh?
13:39 < will-h> it's easy to do it well with a greenfield deployment, i think it can turn bad with a variety of differnt people with different amounts of 'care'
13:40 < will-h> Axu-197032: rude
13:40 < Axu-197032> i'm sorry.
13:40 < anadahz> [Question] (Vasilis/Magma): Thank you, Exceptional work! How did you ensure that no backdoors, account(s) with admin capabilities or anything fishy hasn't been introduced in any of the systems during the process?
13:42 < Axu-197032> Aleksi Suhonen / TREX: Are you planning to redo the site with new hardware after restrictions are lifted?
13:42 < Michela_ChatMonitor> Raphael and Benjamin have asked for questions.
13:47 < Michela_ChatMonitor> The first session has now ended.

12:58:08 From Michela Galante : Hi everyone, I'm Michela Galante from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation.
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13:00:16 From Wolfgang Tremmel : Hello Remco!
13:00:53 From Tom Hill : Is that an OHP?
13:00:59 From Luna : it shows up :)
13:02:05 From Robert Listet : :-D
13:02:21 From Mike Hughes : This is great fun.
13:03:22 From Robert Listet : don't drop the slides all over the floor.
13:03:23 From Blake Willis : Thanks for lightening things up Remco
13:03:41 From Elmar, German stranded in Austria : I’d really like this greenscreen thing :-)
13:03:44 From Blake Willis : I have a wet sponge here you can borrow
13:03:51 From Elvis Velea : don’t sink, Remco!
13:05:41 From Tom Hill : One expects that if you do encounter a fire in your domicile, to ignore leaving the Zoom meeting entirely - we won't mind :p
13:05:52 From Paul Thornton : Can we have the OHP back?
13:07:05 From Blake Willis : Paul it overheated, he has to let the fan cool the bulb down
13:07:16 From Blake Willis : tropical Dutch summers, you know?
13:08:58 From Remco van Mook : I had to find a new bulb, find the right plug to hook it up, and don’t get me started on making copies of those transparencies
13:09:16 From Nurani Nimpuno : Question to the chairs: Will those slides be reused to make face shields for health workers afterwards?
13:10:21 From Remco van Mook : If I can wipe off the marker, yes
13:10:39 From Nurani Nimpuno : Thank you
13:11:55 From Florian Kohler : In this case, the Swiss federal courts are not different levels. Since the question was one of public law, Swiss Federal Administrative Court in St. Gallen is the "Supreme" Court, instead of the usual Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne
13:13:59 From Blake Willis : Telecom Italia as well:
13:16:12 From Silvan Gebhardt : they did reaffirm if I recall right
13:17:06 From Marco d'Itri : The Telecom Italia situation is a bit different because this is supposed to be "temporary". I will be happy to discuss the details and history of peering in Italy with anybody who cares :-)
13:17:38 From Blake Willis : Grazie Marco
13:20:13 From Blake Willis : probably some cases settled out of court in the US...
13:20:14 From peter hessler : The French regulators have been involved in some peering disputes, but I don't know if that counts as a court.
13:20:32 From Julien Escario : no. There was a case between Cogent and Telia long ago
13:20:48 From Julien Escario : and between Orange and Cogent too if I remember worrectly
13:21:14 From Wolfgang Tremmel : clap clap
13:21:20 From Elvis Velea : 👏
13:21:34 From Kurt Kayser : **applause**
13:21:46 From Mike Hughes : The whole room behind Remco is touching their faces and evidently getting the plague.
13:27:17 From Julien Escario : I had almost the same experience but on a local deployment ;-)
13:27:20 From Will Hargrave : Ampère was French, so it is appropriate that Raphael has soixante of them.
13:28:01 From Julien Escario : child-work ? Really ?
13:29:33 From Remco van Mook : Think of it as a different kind of home schooling :)
13:32:59 From Julien Escario : First murphy's law applied during Covid19
13:36:48 From Luna : Congrats :)
13:37:11 From Orla McGann : That’s a super impressive deployment *applause*
13:37:54 From Julien Escario : using animated meme on remote presentation could be considered as a technical crime
13:39:02 From Kurt Kayser : @Julien: +1
13:42:19 From Julien Escario : Remco van gogh ?
13:42:30 From Elvis Velea : lol
13:43:06 From Jarle Fredrik Greipsland : More like Remco van Munch, I think.
13:46:54 From Kurt Kayser : **applause**
13:47:05 From Julien Escario : clap clap
13:47:26 From Michela Galante : Sometimes Zoom retains questions from an earlier session that you watched in the Q&A. If you would like to start afresh with a clean Q&A, leave the meeting and rejoin it.
13:47:56 From Michela Galante : This session has now ended
13:48:36 From Paul Hoogsteder : Great session! But then again it is my favourite working group. Don't tell Job and Ignas!
13:51:15 From Paul Thornton : or Kurtis!
13:52:10 From Kurt Kayser : I actually also like the break-music.. Lounge/Chill...
13:54:04 From Paul Hoogsteder : Kurt: this is quite nice indeed. It differs between coffee breaks though.