How to Participate

RIPE 80 is virtual – and that means you can participate in all the sessions without leaving your comfy armchair!

This virtual meeting will use Zoom as the main platform for remote participation. All sessions will use Zoom Webinar, which allows up to 3,000 people to attend the sessions. All attendees will have the ability to chat and ask questions. You can learn more about our decision to use Zoom for the meeting on RIPE Labs.

You can also follow sessions on our live-stream if you prefer not to use Zoom.

Here’s a quick guide to how you can register, view presentations, ask questions and interact with other participants.

How to Register

You will be asked to complete the registration in two stages.

Step 1: You first need to register for the RIPE 80 Virtual Meeting.

Step 2: After registration, you will receive an email with instructions to register for the meeting via Zoom. Please follow the instructions to complete your registration.

RIPE 80 will take place using Zoom Webinar. Please note that you do not need a Zoom account to register for the RIPE 80 Zoom Meeting.

Once your registration via Zoom is complete, you will receive a link to join the RIPE 80 Zoom Webinar. You will also receive an email with a link that you can use anytime you want to watch the RIPE Meeting. Please bookmark or save these links for easy access.

How to View Presentations

You can view all the sessions and participate using Zoom Webinar. Alternatively, you can also follow the live stream on the RIPE 80 website. In either case, you will need to register to follow the sessions.

Using Zoom: If you join RIPE 80 via Zoom, you will enter the meeting as an ‘Attendee’. This will allow you to view the presentations and to use the chat and Q&A features. You can also leave the meeting at any time and join later by using the same link received by email after registering on RIPE 80 Zoom Meeting.

Keep track of sessions by using the Meeting Plan. The Meeting Plan is dynamic, simply click on a session to view information.

To view the live transcription, open the stenography webpage and follow the presentation on Zoom at the same time.

How to Ask a Question

There’s no queue for the microphone! The chat monitor, an appointed RIPE NCC staff member, will be assigned to each session to facilitate questions in the Q&A. Please always write your name and affiliation before writing the question.

Using Zoom: You will see icons for Chat and Q&A in your menu bar. You can use the chat to share your comments with the other attendees and panelists (session chairs and presenters). Use the Q&A window if you want to ask the presenters a question, making sure to write your name and affiliation along with the question.

Using the livestream: If you’re following the presentation via the live-stream on this website, you can use the IRC channel alongside the live-stream as always. The chat monitor will copy your question in the Q&A on Zoom, please remember to mention your name and affiliation.

How to Network

You might not be meeting your fellow attendees in person, but you can still network effectively:

  • Social room: Open all day. This is a webpage on the RIPE 80 website where you can connect with other attendees using the IRC channel.
  • Networking app: You can schedule meetings with fellow attendees on the app, exchange messages and meet them virtually on the platform of your choice.
  • Attendee list: View the list of attendees who’ve agreed to share their contact details here. You need to have a RIPE NCC Access account to get in contact with them

Any contact details shared are intended to enhance networking opportunities between attendees and should not be used for commercial purposes.

If you have any questions about participating remotely, please reach out to us on meeting [at] ripe [dot] net

Since many of you were asking the same questions, we quickly put together a video to answer some of them. Here’s a four minute overview of how you can participate in our first-ever 100% virtual RIPE 80!