On-Site Childcare

We partner with Holiday Sitters to provide the littlest RIPE Meeting attendees with a fun-filled week while their parents are fully engaging in the meeting. Holiday Sitters provide qualified childminders, set up a safe and fun childcare room with a variety of activities and develop a week-long programme for the kids that changes daily.

If you want to register for childcare but already signed up for the meeting, you can log in to ‘MyRegistrationPage’ to sign up later. Signing up early also means that we can try and find a childminder that can speak your child’s native language.

RIPE 80 Childcare includes:

  • A safe, secure daycare facility run by a professional childcare provider at the meeting location
  • Childcare from 8:30-17:30
  • Highly-trained childcare staff
  • Age appropriate toys, arts and crafts, sports, games, etc.
  • Tailored activity programmes that change daily
  • Lunch
  • Optional in-room babysitting in the evenings