11:02 < camin_ChatMonitor> Hi everyone, I'm Chris Amin from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A.  Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
11:02 < camin_ChatMonitor> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on

11:02 < leoluk> Protip: There's a web client if you decline all offers to download the client, it works okay
11:08 < Cynthia> aaah, such a cute doggo
11:08 < CrossWire> somehow when i open the zoom i get 'the host is hosting another meeting'
11:21 < luna> Stupid question from someone not that involved, what is PC?
11:22 < brian-1213> Programme Committee
11:22 < luna> ah
11:22 < mirjam_ripencc> Programme Committee
11:22 < luna> thanks
11:22 < amd2-ripe> hold on .. there are t-shirts available ? how'd I miss that ?
11:22 < agh> the artwork is on the homepage
11:23 < amd2-ripe> diy t-shirts ?
11:23 < agh> diy print
11:23 < agh> yep
11:23 < luna> yeah
11:23 < Axu-197032> sign of the times
11:23 * amd2-ripe looks like he has no idea how that would work
11:23 < amd2-ripe> I can't even print on paper ;-)
11:23 < wtremmel> download the picture, order from a web-tshirt-service
11:25 < hugge-16509> you can also order special paper you can print with a regular inkjet printer and iron it on
11:25 < luna> but is not HTTP/3 changing to UDP instead :D ?
11:26 < denesh> TCP has a code of conduct policy!
11:26 < CrossWire> maybe ask elad to make TCP+ :)
11:27 < luna>
11:27 < luna> heard that of bagder
11:27 < Axu-197032> now now
11:29 < luna> but i guess there still is a couple of years until HTTP/3 is being used is its in Draft 27 now and soon Draft 28
11:29 < Axu-197032> will we see draft 97?
11:30 < simonvik> luna: i would expect h3 to be use used pretty soon, browsers adobt fast and the bigger providers already do the latest drafts
11:30 < luna> Axu-197032: not sure i don't draft HTTP/3, just heard some presentation from Daniel Bagder "Mr Curl"
11:30 < luna> simonvik: yeah can be used in Nightly in Browsers etc, but would take a while until its standard
11:31 < Cynthia> I saw bagder wearing a quiche t-shirt at FOSDEM lol
11:31 < Axu-197032> does it use port 80 or 443 or something else?
11:32 < luna> Cynthia: i did not see him at FOSDEM haven't seen him irl since i saw him talk h3 at Internetstiftelsen um 2018-2019 something
11:32 < Cynthia> I mean I just saw him in the cafeteria area, not as a talk
11:33 < luna> but saw the presentations from Curl Up the Curl Conference who also was Online Saturday-Sunday this week, was busy during the weekend but saw some stuff Sunday Night and Monday morning
11:33 < simonvik> Axu-197032: we will see :) There's alot of magic with upgrades and httpsvc and stuff
11:33 < luna> also sorry for going offtopic here
11:34 < Cynthia> oops, thought this was #social, sorry
11:34 < Axu-197032> i would contest what geoff is saying in that when you have multiple reno streams in parallel, the cumulative effect is quite efficient
11:34 < luna> i started so my bad
11:35 < mcr> the transcribing writes "below" rather than "bloat"
11:36 < camin_ChatMonitor> Just a reminder, if you want to ask a question to Geoff then let me know your name and affiliation and I will put it in the Zoom Q&A
11:37 < Axu-197032> camin_ChatMonitor: i realize that geoff's slides already address my point :)
11:37 < camin_ChatMonitor> Search Results
11:37 < camin_ChatMonitor> Web result with site links
11:37 < camin_ChatMonitor> 👍
11:37 < camin_ChatMonitor> Oops
11:37 < denesh> Smoothing the curve..
11:37 < mcr> yes, we need TCP's to Stay Home.
11:37 < denesh> Much better explanation than Johnson has given about smoothing the curve in the UK
11:47 < ondrej> Awesome talk by Geoff!
11:47 < luna> *applause*
11:47 < Remco-25595> well done Geoff!
11:47 < altf4> This person is by far the best network teacher I ever got
11:47 < Cougar> ^
11:47 < Eduardo-dot-pt> 👏
11:47 < iocc> yeah *applause*
11:47 < denesh> *clap clap*
11:48 < K__Andoni> great presentation , Thank you Geoff
11:50 < Axu-197032> thanks geoff
11:56 < amd2-ripe> first ripe meeting where pants are optional :)
11:56 < camin_ChatMonitor> This session has now ended.
11:56 < brian-1213> Please remember to rate the talks all!
11:56 < Slimey-3213> amd2-ripe: is that pants in the american sense, or the british sense? :)
11:57 < nick-2128> either. we don't discriminate
11:57 < denesh> LOL
11:57 < ivanbev-30931> nick-2128: either, or both?
11:57 < amd2-ripe> commando networking >(
11:58 < ripe_321> w00t!
11:58 < phessler> we're currently in the lunch break, enjoy the food your lovely caterers have prepared, and we'll see you in about an hour
11:58 < ripe_321> cool
11:58 < ripe_321> enjoy lunch
12:00 < luna> phessler: my microwave is warming the food now
12:00 < Slimey-3213> still an hour until lunchtime
12:00 < blake> Re: Geoff's talk: Here's what a too-verbose question looks like (-:
12:00 < blake> Thanks for this. More people in our audience need to be aware of bufferbloat (see
12:00 < blake> I love the analogy: "TCP is a teenager in a car".
12:00 < blake> Fortunately we have a lot of smart researchers & open-source developers that have created, tested, & deployed advanced congestion control algorithms. Unfortunately virtually none of them make their way into router silicon. I'm aware of one vendor in the last 20 years that integrated something better than WRED (i.e. FQ-CoDel) into their silicon, & last I checked they haven't upstreamed the driver for it.
12:00 < blake> & the reason is fairly simple: The vendors get your money regardless of how well your users' packets cross your network.
12:00 < blake> If everyone in this room (er, zoom) put FQ-CoDel in their RPFs then we'd have it in merchant silicon.
12:01 < ripe_658> yyy
12:02 < Jarlskov-3308> Sooooo no more "questions cleverly disguised as a
12:02 < Jarlskov-3308> No more comments cleverly disguised as questions?
12:03 < blake> & yes, we need small, smart, on-chip buffers, not huge gobs of memory. I'm glad he used the example of Barefoot's Tofino. 4-stage P4-programmable instantly customizable packet forwarding pipeline. Same old 8T1P WRED-if-you're-lucky queue silicon we've had for over a decade.
12:08 * luna has food
12:14 < rvs> if TCP is a teenager in a car, what does it make UDP then
12:15 < blake> FedEx
12:15 < blake> "a station wagon full of tapes" :-)
12:17 < mcr> UDP is a horde of locust.

11:01:31 From Chris Amin : Hi everyone, I'm Chris Amin from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation. The chat window is meant for discussion ONLY. Please remember to select 'all panelists and attendees' when sending your messages otherwise only panelists see what you’re writing.
11:01:38 From Chris Amin : Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on If you need Live transcription, please visit
11:02:40 From Leon Weber : Jolien, maybe try checking the Junk folder, this is where Outlook placed it for me
11:03:06 From Sergey Myasoedov : I appreciate the IPv4 broker who became the RIPE 80 sponsor and not sending email spam.
11:04:28 From Jolien Hermans : Thank Leon, already checked junk folder, nothing there
11:04:48 From Jolien Hermans : It’s okay! Just for fun is just as good.
11:07:53 From Mike Hughes : Any idea why “side-by-side” mode appears to be inhibited. I have a tiny postage-stamp image of Hans-Petter, but huge slides.
11:08:20 From Daniel Karrenberg : By clicking on hah you can get a huge hah and small slides ....
11:08:56 From Daniel Karrenberg : hph! Not hah. Damn autocorrect.
11:09:05 From Denesh Bhabuuta : *clap clap*
11:09:09 From Mike Hughes : Yeah. “side-by-side” gives you a good compromise. Been using it a lot the last 2 weeks with online meetings that are usually f2f.
11:09:13 From Joe Abley : I got a huge hah from that anyway daniel
11:09:49 From Daniel Karrenberg : @jpe alley: always trying to please …. ;-)
11:10:14 From Joe Abley : :-)
11:10:33 From Axu / TREX : give it up to daniel and android :)
11:18:30 From Michael Kafka : MiKa NetCat distorted auso
11:18:33 From Michael Kafka : audio
11:22:14 From Joe Abley : we can hear you geoff!
11:22:22 From Carsten Schiefner : all fine, geoff!
11:22:27 From Ayane Satomi : We can hear you! >^<
11:32:48 From Jan Zorz to George Michaelson, All Panelists : Around 600 right now ;)
11:33:59 From Sjoerd Oostdijck : That 600 is not including people simply watching the stream on the website, so it’s even more!
11:34:34 From Jan Zorz : Please, start sending in questions for Geoff a bit before the end of his presentation so we can figure out the logistics of Q&A part of the session ;)
11:35:02 From Jan Zorz : Send them in through Q&A section, not here.
11:35:23 From Franziska Lichtblau : And state your name and affliliation within the question :)
11:35:29 From Harry Cross : Where is the Q&A section please
11:35:32 From Jan Zorz : Exactly ;)
11:35:43 From Joe Abley : @Harry at the bottom of the screen, the Q&A button
11:35:50 From Joe Abley : (using the zoom client)
11:36:03 From Harry Cross : oh yep I see, I need to hover over it
11:36:23 From Carsten Schiefner : No Q, just an Observation: all this virtuality works absolutely fine here!
Big DTU to all who have set this up.
11:37:50 From Ruben van Staveren : Given the time between deciding going virtual and now, a remarkable accomplishment!
11:39:38 From Jan Zorz : …and please keep questions short, otherwise we’ll spend too much time reading novels to the presenter :) :) :)
11:40:05 From Jan Zorz : :)
11:41:18 From Marco H : @randy I’ve mailed you
11:42:31 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : @marco: ack
11:42:34 From Franziska Lichtblau : Please keep the Q&A section for actual questions to the speaker. Not comments or chat :) It'd make our life way easier
11:46:48 From niall : Applause!
11:46:54 From Blake Willis : “clap track"
11:46:54 From Wolfgang Tremmel : clap clap
11:46:54 From Christoph Berkemeier : klapp klapp
11:46:55 From Ayane Satomi : *clap clap*
11:46:56 From Florian Streibelt : we have a nice chat at #social on the publicly available irc server of ripe ;) so come over to
11:47:02 From Piotr Strzyżewski : clap clap clap
11:47:04 From Ruben van Staveren : 👏
11:47:25 From Vincent Udriot : Very interesting!
11:47:37 From Clement Cavadore : *clap clap clap*
11:47:38 From Carsten Schiefner : thanks, geoff!
11:47:39 From Florian Streibelt : (and irc will be running all the time during the meeting ;)
11:48:01 From Ayane Satomi : love the answer
11:52:22 From Daniel Karrenberg : Thank you Geoff! Exactly what I was getting at!
11:55:50 From Fulvio Allegretti : Thank you Geoff!
11:55:51 From Auke Pals : Thanks a lot!
11:55:54 From Ayane Satomi : Thanks for the presentation Geoff!
11:56:00 From Chris Amin : This session has now ended.
11:56:11 From Geoff Huston : than ks all
11:56:34 From Falk VON BORNSTAEDT : great presentation, Geoff
11:56:41 From Blake Willis : thanks Geoff!
11:56:52 From Blake Willis : does anyone have the actual address of the IRC server?
11:57:01 From Andreas Wittkemper :
11:57:02 From Carsten Schiefner : ?
11:57:03 From Sjoerd Oostdijck : Yes,
11:57:06 From Florian Streibelt : works for me
11:57:11 From Blake Willis : thx
11:57:21 From Carsten Schiefner : so pretty generic, huh? ;-)
11:57:39 From Blake Willis : figured I’d ask :-)
11:58:48 From Sophie Chen : Great !
11:59:03 From Luna : 1 hour and 1 minute lunch then
12:02:25 From Pankaj Raj : After login to access.ripe account, how to rate? can anyone guide, which option to select/go?
12:06:21 From Carsten Schiefner : @meeting_team: The link to the virtual goodie bag on is odd: certificate failure - and a Need for Registration?!
12:07:24 From Blake Willis : Pankaj: after you’ve logged in, reload the plenary page & it’ll give you an option to rate each talk below the presentation download links
12:11:02 From Franziska Lichtblau : Thanks Blake - we'll see if we can include a demonstration or something :)
12:15:49 From Franziska Lichtblau : Just a hint for asking questions: As much as we understand that we're talking about complex matters and that some questions are complex and need much explaination.The session chair cannot read out novels :) So try to keep short
12:16:00 From Franziska Lichtblau : *your questions short
12:24:31 From Alexandra Vos : Hi Carsten, we're looking into the issue with our goodie bag provider and Firefox. You can use another browser in the meantime. You don't have to register to view the bag but you are asked to provide your name and email.
12:36:23 From Carsten Schiefner : Hi Alexandra, thanks a bunch!
But still: besides Name and email there is also four tick boxes:
[ ] I agree to share this information with the event company for potential future marketing purposes
[ ] I agree to use cookies to enhance my visit
[ ] I have read and agree to ACTIVE Network's Terms of Use
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I am not too much in favor of wrt. a virtual goodie bag...
12:44:14 From Carsten Schiefner : @Meeting_team: Could you also look into a greater variety for the breaks Background Music, please? ;-)
Possibly one strict reqquirement is that it Needs to be license and royalty free - but still...
12:45:06 From Wolfgang Tremmel : or no music at all - heard in a chat people are muting and do not realize session has started
12:45:39 From niall : @Carsten, @Meeting_team, I found that I could simply leave the “I agree to share …” box unticked.
12:47:14 From Carsten Schiefner : Maybe you could use DJ sets from the Berlin based Clubs initiative "United We Stream" ?
There is 44 sets of five hours each now archived at