13:02 < boris_chatmonitor> Hi everyone, I'm Boris Duval from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A. Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
13:02 < boris_chatmonitor>
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13:07 < blake> today's theme seems to be "things that work poorly today because half our stack is stuck in the mid-1990s"
13:07 < blake> I like it :-)
13:07 < phessler> there is some modern things mentioned, later in the day
13:08 < Cynthia> Delegated RPKI :)
13:08 < shedenig> i think it's very interesting to see how rather ancient design criteria still affect us today
13:09 < rhalina> blake: our pleasure ;)
13:09 < simonvik> Cynthia:will be interesting!
13:09 < wtremmel> IPv4 is steill affecting us today, yes.. :-)
13:09 < Cynthia> :)
13:10 < blake> wtremmel: that part of the stack is stuck in the 1970s :-)
13:11 < blake> ok let's watch Clemens
13:14 < dinoex> I see issues the the stream stops quiet often in chrome.
13:18 < boris_chatmonitor> Hi @dinoex, if you are experiencing issues with the stream, you can contact our technical team at:
13:18 < dinoex> Thanks, I am not sure if this is a local problem, or some general issue.
13:22 < blake> yes vendor defaults are massively prevalent
13:27 < ivanbev-309311> You couldn't fill out the poll unless you say that you are applying route flap dampening (eg to all customers, select peers, etc)
13:27 < Slimey-3213> results for Q2/Q3 will be misleading because you couldn't not answer them if you have Route Flap Damping disabled
13:39 < mcr> so, yelp reviews for booter services?
13:41 * Axu-197032 applauds
13:41 < blake> "clap track"
13:42 < iocc> thanks for the presentation
13:42 < brian-1213> Definitely needed. Maybe laughter track too?
13:42 < blake> mcr "did not take the guy that kicked my butt in CS offline, would not buy again"
13:46 < boris_chatmonitor>
13:46 < boris_chatmonitor> This session has now ended.

I’m Boris Duval from the RIPE NCC, I will be chat monitor for this session.
12:51:19 From Daniel Kopp to RIPE 80 Meeting Team (Privately) : Hi, I’m here and I’ll give the second presentation of the upcoming slot „DDoS Hide and Seek…“
12:54:53 From Carsten Schiefner : Hi @Niall, thanks - but ticking off ACTIVE Network's - who are they, BTW? - Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is still mandatory as it appears.
Still not my Cup of tea for a goodie bag
13:00:23 From Florian Streibelt : I think you can mute single participants in the zoom client on your local side. So muting just the music should be possible as its streamed from RIPE NCCs account
13:01:15 From Florian Streibelt : Under View Options in the upper right. But I don't know if you would miss out something important later
13:01:26 From Boris Duval : Hi everyone, I’m Boris Duval from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation.
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13:02:52 From Florian Streibelt : yes
13:03:03 From Clement Cavadore : Yes Clemens
13:03:06 From Stefan Wahl : yyes
13:03:15 From peter hessler : sorry, I only have IPv4 here
13:03:29 From Andreas Wittkemper : how dare you
13:03:49 From Ayane Satomi : Missed opportunity for "Aight, I'mma head out"
13:20:06 From Blake Willis : “clap track”
13:21:35 From Martijn G : no poll window visible here...
13:22:00 From Tom Hill : The Q&A is going to get really annoying by the end of the day unless we can prune/hide questions, or reset it to blank per session
13:22:34 From Harry Cross : ^ I've already lost track
13:22:45 From peter hessler : Tom Hill: we found that closing and re-opening the Zoom meeting will reset the Q/A and Chat for you
13:23:46 From Harald Michl : The poll is not ideal. If I select “I do not use RFD” I cannot submit unless I answer the other (not suitable) questions.
13:24:45 From Axel Fischer : the poll window doesn't offer to leave the last two answered unticked if you tick not using RFD
13:26:03 From John Curran : Encourages deployment - you have to turn on RFD on your network before completing the poll! ;-)
13:26:50 From Blake Willis : chances are it’s already on & you don’t even know it...
13:27:00 From Tom Hill : Thanks Pete, I can do that in the breaks :)
13:27:01 From peter hessler : #2 is still a valid question if you answered no to #1. The vendor can still disable it by default.
13:27:20 From Bengt Gördén : There should be a N/A for questions in polls
13:27:23 From Richard Hall : Numbers will be misleading as people not using it will have answered Q2 and 3
13:27:28 From Ayane Satomi : I'm still concerned that vendors uses outdated configurations
13:27:33 From Ayane Satomi : mainly non-standard I think as well
13:33:12 From Vincent Udriot : Some of those websites even provide free DDoS attacks with a restricted bandwidth which can still hurt though
13:43:07 From Benno Overeinder : Commenting on Toma's remark, of temporary effect, I have seen a presentation that warning on social media also has an effect on reducing DDoS attacks.
13:43:45 From Benno Overeinder : It was a study by a British University.
13:44:18 From Töma Gavrichenkov : Cloudflare has been protecting those booters for a decade. Never heard about them cutting any services to the booters.
13:45:27 From Marco d'Itri : Daniel: a quick and easy test would be to check the target IPs against Spamhaus PBL
13:46:36 From Boris Duval : This session has now ended.
13:46:38 From Benno Overeinder : Followup on my comment: Booting the booters: Evaluating the effects of police interventions,
13:54:00 From Daniel Kopp : @Benno: Yes, there was two papers about Bootet Services at the IMC conference, ours focused more on the traffic side
13:58:14 From Blake Willis : thanks Benno