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15:00 < luna> you are still muted
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15:01 < Adonis_ChatMonitor> Nicole van der Meulen has begun the presentation “Re-writing the Narrative: Cybercrime during COVID-19".
15:04 < luna> The slides is not showing if they should?
15:05 < luna> Nevermind my fault had the wrong settings in Zoom
15:11 < blake> also they broke into my building & stole my neighbor's bike the 1st week of lockdown
15:19 < Adonis_ChatMonitor> Nicole van der Meulen has asked for questions.
15:25 < ripe_422> Thymen here from SIDN (.nl). We are coordinating COVID-19 related abuse with different organisations within Netherlands and Europe (e.g., CENTR and European Commission). I'm not aware of any direct contact with Europol, but I can imagine there's a flow of information via CENTR.
15:25 < Adonis_ChatMonitor> The presentation has ended.
15:26 < Jelte> lol
15:26 < Adonis_ChatMonitor> Marco Hogewoning has begun the presentation “The New IP Proposal”.
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15:29 < luna>
15:36 < blake> and increase the overhead in the network
15:38 < blake> hey as long as I can screw with interdomain IPX routing again, then good times!
15:39 < blake> this proposal is basically describing the French Minitel system from the '80s
15:45 < Adonis_ChatMonitor> Marco Hogewoning has asked for questions.
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14:59:56 From Adonis Stergiopoulos: Hi everyone, I'm Adonis Stergiopoulos from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation.
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15:00:00 From Dominic Schallert : Does anybody know when the next Quiz round starts? Thanks
15:00:10 From Frank Altpeter : in 45 minutes i think
15:00:20 From Dominic Schallert : Perfect, thanks!
15:00:22 From Luna : your still muted
15:00:45 From Paul Rendek : Hello Achilleas! ;-)
15:01:34 From Blake Willis : great background
15:02:24 From Florian Kohler : Aurora borealis background, love it
15:03:00 From AchilleasKemos : hello from Julf and me !
15:03:38 From Luna : Your slides are not showing if they should?
15:04:29 From Luna : nevermind my fault had wrong settings in Zoom
15:19:34 From Kurt Kayser : I wonder how much bandwidth this animated background is generating... (yes it's nice, but to send it to ~440 clients..)
15:21:05 From Patrick Gilmore : I would guess her face moving is much more bandwidth. THe background is very low DPI
15:21:46 From Kurt Kayser : Patrick: I doubt that!
15:22:19 From Patrick Gilmore : Between the moderator and the presenter, my bandwidth changes only a couple hundred K. Even assuming 1/2 Mbps (upper bound), we are talking a couple hundred Mbps.
15:22:50 From Patrick Gilmore : Less that many people have for their home broadband connection :)
15:23:08 From Frank Altpeter : I like that interdimensional Portal on the left :)
15:24:04 From Ian Dickinson : HAARP antenna?
15:24:28 From Kurt Kayser : Frank: :-) now spotted - protal to dark web?
15:25:34 From Blake Willis : “clap track"
15:25:42 From Chris Buckridge : (applause!)
15:25:43 From Benno Overeinder : @Lousewies wrt. effectiveness of awareness campaigns, I shared a link to an IMC paper yesterday. Give me a second to find the link again.
15:25:47 From Blake Willis : this was great
15:26:04 From Benno Overeinder : Agree
15:26:12 From Melchior Aelmans : Ha Benno :)
15:26:12 From James Kennedy : *claps*
15:27:03 From Benno Overeinder : @Lousewies: Booting the booters: Evaluating the effects of police interventions,
15:27:21 From Lousewies van der Laan : I would have liked a bit more numbers (pun intended). "Increase" is very vague. Was there a switch from "normal" phishing to "COVID" phishing or an overall increase.
15:27:33 From Lousewies van der Laan : just as an example
15:27:43 From Michele Neylon : The data source for the “malicious” domains is important
15:27:53 From Jan Zorz : Crazy...
15:28:02 From Michele Neylon : there’s a couple of feeds that are very low quality and listing domains that are registered to government etc
15:28:40 From Jan Zorz : Do I see more “whack-a-mole” coming in? :(
15:28:45 From Lousewies van der Laan : New IP is handing our nice multi-stakeholder internet to governments, right?
15:29:08 From Karl Brumund : maybe they can call this OSIv2
15:29:47 From Vesna Manojlovic : OSI+ ;-)
15:30:02 From Benno Overeinder : Maybe within CENTR Security WG the European ccTLDs can run similar studies as presented yesterday by Thymen from SIDN?
15:30:06 From Blake Willis : Vesna lol
15:30:58 From Anita Nikolich : is there any academic work/research work on NewIP anyone has seen?
15:31:01 From Lousewies van der Laan : But they can't control the IETF can they?
15:31:07 From Jan Zorz : Everything is better with +, is it? :)
15:31:25 From Blake Willis : good thing they renamed SRv6+ to SRm6
15:31:29 From Jan Zorz : ITU+ :)
15:31:31 From Kurt Kayser : Vesna: +1
15:32:15 From Blake Willis : Nice job on these timelines Marco
15:32:25 From Lousewies van der Laan : I wrote a reply to the FT article about the "Chinese takeover" of the internet :
15:32:26 From Vesna Manojlovic : MarcoH’s article at RIPELabs:
15:32:28 From Frank Altpeter : I get the Feeling I'm too old for this
15:32:42 From Mirjam Kühne : FYI: here is a link to what Thymen talked about yesterday (in case you missed it):
15:33:09 From Lousewies van der Laan : Here is the text if you get caught by their paywall:
15:36:12 From Julf Helsingius : Tahar: that is up to RIPE NCC meeting staff (and probably Zoom capabilities)
15:37:08 From Lousewies van der Laan : The weekend long read 'The battle to control the internet' (28/29 March 2020) asserts “there is global agreement that online communication is broken”. Given that in the last weeks millions of people have not only switched to working from home, but also do their workouts, birthday parties and corporate training online, that is a bold assertion. Leaving aside some underinvestment in fiber and data centers, the technical infrastructure of the internet is doing just fine. The problems, including the under-investment, are political.
15:37:22 From Lousewies van der Laan : On one side authoritarian governments want to strengthen their grip on their citizens by monitoring their online activity and having the ability to shut the internet down at times of protest. On the other side huge American companies like Google and Facebook make billion dollar profits, while being seen as monetising consumer data, avoiding regulation and t
axation. GDPR is the EU's flawed attempt to counter those perceptions. Thirdly, criminals use the internet to engage in activities ranging from phishing, cyberattacks, terrorism and pedophilia to intellectual property infringements and sextortion.
15:37:34 From Lousewies van der Laan : The long-term solution however is not more government control over the technical layers of the internet, as China and Russia have proposed in the ITU. The technical layer is fine. The problems are ON the internet, not OF the internet. Governments need to ensure criminals are prosecuted, global companies taxed, data protected, security standards implemented and to invest in educating their populations for the digital age.
15:37:54 From Julf Helsingius : Hear hear
15:38:55 From Jelte Jansen : hear hear indeed, thanks, Lousewies :)
15:39:21 From Karl Brumund : ++
15:40:55 From Paul Rendek : Well said, Lousewise…
15:41:34 From Dmitry Kohmanyuk : excellent and short. you can send it to EFF as well :)
15:41:35 From Kledi Andoni : +1
15:41:37 From James Kennedy : hear hear
15:42:23 From Lousewies van der Laan : Marco is right - educate your governments, they often know very little and are afraid to ask.
15:43:31 From Carsten Schiefner : True exec summary, Lousewies - would love to read the full Piece. Thanks!
15:43:37 From Karl Brumund : educate = lobbying for many governments.
15:44:44 From Gordon Lennox : Excellent presentation from Marco!
15:44:52 From Blake Willis : great job Marco
15:44:52 From Joost Tholhuijsen : Marco, is one of the developments also to be found in what SIDN Labs is doing?
15:45:16 From Lousewies van der Laan : This is the chat - move questions to Q&A
15:45:41 From Lousewies van der Laan : Really well done Marco!
15:46:03 From Remco van Mook : Excellent presentation Marco!
15:46:15 From Marco H : thanks
15:46:16 From Paul Rendek : Very nice presentation - thanks Marco!
15:46:42 From Zbyněk Pospíchal : good presentation, Marco
15:46:44 From william Dee : Excellent presentation. Many thanks.
15:47:44 From Lousewies van der Laan : This is not helpful for Huawei if they do not want to be seen as the poodle of the Chinese government. Or maybe they have figured that battle is already lost?
15:47:53 From william Dee : Do you know if the other RIRs are looking at this proposal and if they have yet adopted a position?
15:49:59 From Carsten Schiefner : Thanks, Marco - excellent prezzo on an important issue.
15:50:21 From Lousewies van der Laan : @william - great question. I copied it to the Q&A.
15:51:48 From Jelte Jansen : FYI the 'future internet' work we do at SIDN Labs is unrelated to the ITU stuff ( for more info)
15:51:53 From Blake Willis : IMHO, they went to the ITU because it’s very top-down, & has far more govt involvement than IETF
15:51:54 From Patrick Gilmore : Awesome presentation! Thank you Marco!
15:51:54 From Benno Overeinder : Agree with Marco and his last remarks. Thanks
15:52:00 From Blake Willis : “clap track"
15:52:08 From Paul Rendek : Very nice session!! indeed
15:52:19 From Patrick Gilmore : Remember to Register your LIR to vote! Only 8 minutes to go!
15:52:21 From Carsten Schiefner : *clap* *clap* *clap*!
15:52:28 From James Kennedy : *claps* nice work Marco
15:52:45 From Adonis Stergiopoulos : Sometimes Zoom retains questions from an earlier session that you watched in the Q&A. If you would like to start afresh with a clean Q&A, leave the meeting and rejoin it.
15:52:46 From Joost Tholhuijsen : Good info, good summary, thanks Marco
15:52:46 From Kurt Kayser : **applause** great job, Marco - good summary of the situation
15:52:54 From Mirjam Kühne : here it is:
15:53:03 From Bengt Gördén : applause Marco
15:53:08 From Marco H : thanks
15:53:10 From Mirjam Kühne : (the article Marco was referring to at the end)
15:53:14 From Jan Zorz : well done
15:53:16 From Lousewies van der Laan : Bravo Marco!
15:53:26 From Carsten Schiefner : thanks, Mirjam.
15:53:31 From Adam Peake : excellent, thank you
15:53:57 From Patrick Gilmore : Everyone be sure to rate marco - he deserves feedback
15:54:43 From Stéphane Dodeller : Is there a dedicated link for presentations rating, or is it in the general feedback?
15:54:58 From Adonis Stergiopoulos : Hi all. The Kahoot! quiz has moved to the next coffee break. See you then!
15:56:14 From Blake Willis : Stéphane:
15:56:38 From Blake Willis : it’s the “rate” button beneath the download links
15:57:05 From Florian Streibelt : that was loud...
15:57:38 From Gerardo Viviers : But you heard it, eh? ;)
15:58:50 From Luna : heard you both :)