11:00 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Hi everyone, I'm Nathalie Trenaman from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A.  Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
11:00 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
11:03 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Nick Hilliard has begun the presentation DBTF Requests input from Routing WG on what to do with RPSL
11:05 < luna> took me 1 day to remember what format .key is :P
11:05 * Axu-AS197032 claps quickly.
11:06 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Nick has asked for questions
11:08 < ErikBais> The audio keeps dropping ... weird ..
11:08 < Axu-AS197032> this is Aleksi Suhonen from Tampere: nick-2128 do the authors/presenters have they own suggestions on what to do?
11:08 < nick-2128> at this point, we're soliciting input
11:08 < Jarlskov-3308> The limerick-object-type is essential.
11:09 < nick-2128> poem: and poetic-form:
11:09 < nick-2128> agreed
11:09 < ErikBais> nick-2128 where can people provide input / participate on what is going on in the TF ?
11:10 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Massimiliano Stucchi and Melchior Aelmans have begun the presentation Update on Policy Proposal 2019-08 "RPKI ROAs for Unallocated and Unassigned RIPE NCC Address Space
11:10 < nick-2128> ErikBais: routing-wg [at] ripe [dot] net
11:10 < job> ok, job (chair) here too, sorry for being late here
11:13 < Axu-AS197032> what has been the main objection against 'fake roas?'
11:13 < job> the mailing list archive contains a number of arguments
11:13 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Axu-AS197032: want me to bring that to the Q&A?
11:17 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Johannes Moos has begun the presentation PeeringDB 'never_via_routeservers' Option
11:22 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Johannes asked for questions
11:23 < Jarlskov-3308> What about "A comment cleverly disguised as a question"? :)
11:24 < Axu-AS197032> oddly specific
11:24 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Ben Cox has begun the presentation RPKI Deployment Update 
11:28 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> Ben asked for questions
11:30 < luna> AOB then
11:31 < luna> don't have any was just curious
11:32 < ivanbev-30931> Thank you Job / Paul et al *clap clap*
11:32 < mw> thanks!
11:32 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> the session has ended
11:32 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> (13 minutes early)
11:32 < andyd> Enjoyable programme, thank you job and paul
11:33 < luna> early lunch cya for ipv6 at 13
11:35 < Nathalie_Chatmonitor> The next session is the IPv6 Working Group, at 13:00
, join the chat on #ipv6

11:00:25 From Nathalie Trenaman : Hi everyone, I'm Nathalie Trenaman from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation. The chat window is meant for discussion ONLY. Please remember to select 'all panelists and attendees' when sending your messages otherwise only panelists see what you’re writing.
11:00:35 From Brian Nisbet : If I'd known wild hair was in fashion for Co-Chairs today, I would have... er… not been able to comply? :)
11:00:38 From Nathalie Trenaman : Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on If you need Live transcription, please visit
11:01:13 From Suzanne Taylor : Haha, Brian :)
11:01:31 From Tom Hill : Job's hair looks almost as wild as mine :)
11:01:40 From Ivan Beveridge (AS30931) : @Brian: he’s reminding me of UK PM … not a good look ;)
11:01:47 From Tom Hill : Ha
11:01:56 From George Michaelson : To the writers of the motion tool: Yes and No need ABSTAIN.
11:02:14 From George Michaelson : Cannot remove poll box without selecting, therefore drives to false responses to get rid of the box
11:02:15 From Leif Sawyer : GMM ++ on ABSTAIN
11:02:30 From Tom Hill : I closed it - does that count as Abstain?
11:02:42 From Mark Prior : I just closed it, no idea what it did though
11:02:47 From Suzanne Taylor : @George: I was able to close the poll box without voting
11:02:53 From Dominic Schallert : Bye Job and cat :-)
11:03:11 From Vesna Manojlovic : So good to see you Nick!!!
11:03:27 From George Michaelson : It was hidden under other windows, gobbled my keyboard inputs and locked me up :-( OSX desktops can be very confusing
11:03:35 From Lasse Jarlskov : I looked distractedly at my email. That's what I usually do, when the chair asks to approve the minutes....
11:03:56 From Kurt Kayser : 92% +9% ??
11:04:10 From Job Snijders : i can hear Nick fine
11:04:12 From Leif Sawyer : linux client doesn't allow closing of the poll window without voting; but you can wait for it to timeout - if you don't need to do anything else
11:04:20 From Carlos Friacas : freezing?
11:04:25 From Carlos Friacas : sound = zero
11:04:32 From Nathalie Trenaman : Resloved now
11:04:50 From Carlos Friacas : (sound is back)
11:05:00 From Paul Hoogsteder : Didn't miss anything
11:05:06 From Kurt Kayser : sound is ok, but video hangs from time to time
11:05:07 From Colin Petrie : left channel only :)
11:05:14 From Tom Hill : Thank you, Nick :)
11:05:48 From Kurt Kayser : Hi Paul in the Tulip-field
11:07:25 From Tom Hill : I have statements, that aren't really useful as questions.
11:07:45 From Tom Hill : Generally speaking I don't know why anyone maintains routing policy in their aut-num
11:08:18 From George Michaelson : How many in the session please?
11:08:30 From Chris Buckridge : 360-ish, George
11:08:52 From Carlos Friacas : no sound. sound is back
11:09:06 From Cyrille MAECHLER : Cool
11:10:42 From Chris Buckridge : (to be clear, that’s just in the Zoom room - there are likely more watching the live stream video, but not logged into Zoom)
11:10:53 From George Michaelson : Many thanks
11:11:37 From Job Snijders : Question line cut off
11:11:46 From Tom Hill : First person to suggest BGP gets pinched
11:11:58 From peter hessler : @Tom BGP Communities, of course
11:12:05 From Tom Hill : NOooo
11:12:19 From peter hessler : @Tom BGP Large Communities, then
11:12:26 From Tom Hill : Better, but still NOOOOOO
11:12:45 From Marco d'Itri : Tom: Cogent uses as-sets to authorize transiting new ASNs
11:13:03 From Marco d'Itri : s/as-sets/aut-nums/
11:13:10 From peter hessler : I got it. A new Extended Community Type, which is *required* to be transitive!
11:13:47 From Nick Hilliard : + a separate community type for asn32s
11:13:56 From peter hessler : naturally
11:14:00 From Tom Hill : @Marco does that perhaps explain something about Cogent? :)
11:17:11 From Dominic Schallert : I support this proposal!
11:20:33 From Job Snijders : please read up on the history of the proposal and familiarise yourself with the RIPE PDP process
11:20:44 From Job Snijders : feedback about this proposal here will be ignored
11:20:50 From Job Snijders : but we are now focussed on Johannes!
11:22:49 From Nicola von Thadden : What about not checking the box and motivating Tier-1 networks to implement an open peering policy...
11:24:31 From Tom Hill : I like not having to use PDB as a source when building filters for *just* this, as per your suggestion Simon... But PDB is global, not RIPE-specific
11:25:02 From Bengt Gördén : I might have missed something but isn't there video from the speaker? I can only see Job.
11:25:17 From Erik Bais : Any idea if that feature is going to be used at AMSIX for instance .. or other IXP's ?
11:25:24 From Nathalie Trenaman : Bengt: because it’s pre-recorded :)
11:25:29 From Wolfgang Tremmel : its a recorded presentation (with a loud humm on audio)
11:25:33 From Bengt Gördén : ah. thanks
11:25:53 From Andy Davidson : Agree with Tom Hill; I’d like to see this kind of information able to be expressed in RIR, perhaps this is feedback for Nick’s solicitation of ideas for the database task force
11:27:02 From peter hessler : I see the value of doing these types of experiments in PDB, but if successful then they should be moved to RIRs
11:28:10 From Simon Lockhart : MY concern is that I see PDB as a ‘human view’, not something to be scripted against
11:28:56 From Xavier Le Bris : s.
11:29:32 From peter hessler : many networks already use PDB scripting for max-count, and IXP configurations :/
11:29:55 From Gaith Taha : Job; we can see your screen. is that intended?
11:30:29 From Luna : no AOB ?
11:31:03 From Luna : don't have any was just curious
11:31:25 From Simon Lockhart : Should we discuss IPv4+? I thought Elad was going to present something :)
11:31:34 From Dominic Schallert : Well, a few network operators already started to manually filter the ROA-invalid measurement/test prefixes - probably as an outcome of the recent thing…
11:31:40 From Erik Bais : Early coffee break ?
11:31:43 From Luna : @Simon that sounds like a silly idea
11:31:44 From Andy Davidson : Simon - I definitely script against PDB but use it as *one* source of truth. I like to see another truth to confirm the info
11:31:46 From Luna : Longer lunch :)
11:31:56 From Tom Hill : Thanks Job!
11:31:57 From Erik Bais : Thank you for chairing *applause*
11:31:57 From Melchior Aelmans : Thanks all!
11:31:59 From Brian Nisbet : Thanks Co-Chairs!
11:32:02 From Bengt Gördén : Thanks
11:32:05 From George Michaelson : ThanksBAI
11:32:05 From James Kennedy : Thanks guys
11:32:08 From Piotr Strzyżewski : Thanks Job and Paul! Great WG!
11:32:13 From Stéphane Dodeller : Thank you!
11:32:16 From Boris Duval : Hi all,

Join us during lunch break for the “A First Look at the New RIPEstat” session. The RIPEstat team will give you a tour of the platform’s new UI and ask for feedback. And there will also be a short quiz!

The event starts at 12:00 (UTC+2), Zoom meeting details are available at:

See you in a bit!
11:32:32 From Dominic Schallert : Thanks Paul, Job and Job’s cat! :-)
11:33:04 From Nathalie Trenaman : Sometimes Zoom retains questions from an earlier session that you watched in the Q&A. If you would like to start afresh with a clean Q&A, leave the meeting and rejoin it.
This session has now ended.
11:34:25 From Nathalie Trenaman : The next session is the IPv6 Working Group, at 13:00