16:02 < SandraB_Chatmon> Hi everyone, I'm Sandra Bras from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it here stating your name/affiliation and I will copy/paste it in the Zoom Q&A. Keep in mind that there may be up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins
16:02 < SandraB_Chatmon> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
16:04 < denesh1> Hey @Sandrab
16:06 < SandraB_Chatmon> Hi Denesh
16:06 < luna> leovegoda: afternoon here
16:08 < SandraB_Chatmon> Daniel Karrenberg is giving the RIPE NomCom Update.
16:18 < SandraB_Chatmon> Do you have any questions for Daniel?
16:20 < SandraB_Chatmon> This presentation has finished.
16:21 < SandraB_Chatmon> Now Nurani will present on The 2019 IANA Numbering Services Review Committee Report
16:23 < ripe_810> hello everybody
16:24 < leovegoda> I can't see Nurani on the Plenary agenda (good to have this item, though)
16:24 < briann-1213> leovegoda: She's right there as item 2
16:24 < briann-1213> Of the community Plenary, specifically.
16:25 < briann-1213>
16:25 < luna> hey ripe_810
16:25 < leovegoda> Ah, I didn't see the plenary split into two separate agenda. Now I do. Thanks!
16:25 < briann-1213> Yeah, wanted to have a very clear distinction between "normal" plenary and this, especially at this weirded meeting.
16:25 < luna> stupid question why would the IP and Network Assication of Europe Review the US peoples work?
16:26 < SandraB_Chatmon> Luna, is that a question for Nurani or for the chat in general?
16:26 < luna> chat in general
16:27 < SandraB_Chatmon> Thanks for clarifying :)
16:27 < leovegoda> briann-1213: understood. I should have read to the bottom of the page :-)
16:27 < luna> but would guess that different countries could use the same IP-adresses as the Internet is International
16:27 < briann-1213> All good, Leo. :)
16:28 < SandraB_Chatmon> Any questions or feedback for Nurani?
16:28 < wzenker> luna, that review is not done just by RIPE but by a joint committee by all five RIRs in the role of these RIRs as "customers" of IANA
16:28 < luna> wzenker: ah alright
16:29 < phessler> the Programme Committee is responsible for the Plenary, but is not responsible for the RIPE Community Plenary. so (as someone on the PC), I do appreciate the pages being split :)
16:29 < SandraB_Chatmon> Now it's Bijal's turn and she is presenting about Update of the RIPE Database Requirements Task Force.
16:30 < SandraB_Chatmon> If you have any questions for Bijal, please write them here mentioning your name and organisation and I will pass them on to the Chair of the session.
16:36 < denesh1> Did people here know that one of the earlier IP resource management bits of software was done by the team I was in.. by Leo Vegoda's brother on a summer internship to to the Demon hostmaster team.. Leo was part of the team.. so was Bijal.. and we called it RoboBijal.. which we also gave to RIPE NCC to make available to the membership. :-)
16:37 < SandraB_Chatmon> Bijal ended her presentation.
16:37 < denesh1> Nice to see both Leo and Bijal at the same RIPE meeting I am in.
16:38 < SandraB_Chatmon> HPH is now talking about the Working Group Chairs Collective.
16:40 < Remco-25595> sandrab_ what does this mean for the schedule? wasn't that meant to start at 17:00?
16:40 < luna> Will these 3 last slides be uploaded too?
16:41 < luna> Remco-25595: wondering the same will it be until 16:45 or 17:10 :P
16:41 < SandraB_Chatmon> Remco-25595: HPGH mentioned he would do it earlier as there is time
16:41 < SandraB_Chatmon> HPH, sorry
16:41 < luna> perfect thanks, HPH :)
16:42 < luna> Kahoot time
16:42 < Remco-25595> ok, that's a bit unfortunate as I had my schedule for other things built around the set agenda :)
16:42 < SandraB_Chatmon> This session has ended. Thank you, everyone.

16:00:56 From Alvaro Vives : Hi everyone, I'm Alvaro Vives from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and you want the Session Chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name/affiliation.
The chat window is meant for discussion ONLY. Please remember to select 'all panelists and attendees' when sending your messages otherwise only panelists see what you’re writing.
The chat window is meant for discussion ONLY. Please remember to select 'all panelists and attendees' when sending your messages otherwise only panelists see what you’re writing.
16:01:01 From Marco H : Can upgrade us all to panellist :)
If you need Live transcription, please visit
16:01:11 From Alvaro Vives : Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
If you need Live transcription, please visit
16:01:26 From Denesh Bhabuuta : Marco.. great idea!
16:02:45 From Jan Zorz : Please, write your questions to Q&A section a bit before the presentation is over - and try to be brief. Long Questions are hard to read… :)
16:02:51 From Aaron Hughes : yes
16:02:52 From Luna : yes
16:02:54 From Luna : can see and hear
16:02:55 From James Kennedy : yes
16:03:01 From Menno Schepers : bingo!
16:19:06 From Vesna Manojlovic : I find it helpful to see the URLs in the chat, so I am going to type it in:
16:19:29 From Will van Gulik : Thank you Vesna !
16:20:58 From Daniel Karrenberg : Thanks vest!
16:21:14 From Aaron Hughes : Nom just yoou
16:21:14 From Luna : nope we can't
16:21:16 From Marc Groeneweg : Not yet
16:21:21 From Daniel Karrenberg : Vesna. Autocorrect again!
16:21:35 From Aaron Hughes : Now we can
16:21:35 From Luna : now we can see it
16:21:42 From Paul Rendek : We can see you.. fab!
16:28:03 From Brian Nisbet : Boring is great, Nurani!
16:28:34 From Paul Rendek : Looks Great!
16:29:01 From Dmitry Kohmanyuk : hi Rendek :)
16:29:49 From Paul Rendek : Hey Dmitry ;-p
16:32:11 From Daniel Karrenberg : Hey Paul! Good to see you are alive. Msg me privately in he next few days if you have a minute.
16:32:35 From Daniel Karrenberg : Oops ......
16:33:07 From Paul Hoogsteder : Several Paul's are puzzled...
16:33:27 From Daniel Karrenberg : The one who spoke previously.
16:33:28 From Will Hargrave : Rumours of derendekificiation were ill-founded
16:34:06 From Daniel Karrenberg : @Will :-) :-) :-)
16:34:30 From Jan Zorz : I see 3 Pauls :)
16:35:53 From Will van Gulik : 3 Pauls, 2 Will
16:36:00 From Will van Gulik : What else ? ;)
16:36:17 From Jan Zorz : What can possibly go wrong, da? :) :) :)
16:36:38 From Will van Gulik : probably nothing, might just be glorious
16:36:42 From Chriztoffer Hansen (DE-CIX) : Jan Zorz being present and asking the Jinx question?
16:36:47 From Marco H : 5 ppl called Marco at RIPE NCC atm, it is doable
16:37:18 From Paul Rendek : Thanks Bij!
16:37:44 From Tom Hill : Could be that we're experiencing a 'remote conference burnout' :)
16:37:56 From Tom Hill : s/conference/meeting/
16:39:02 From Paul Rendek : RCB - Remote Conference Burnout <- that’s funny!
16:39:05 From Marco H : It has been some long days behind a screen, but on the other hand this has been the most healthy RIPE meetings since long ;)
16:39:22 From Marc Groeneweg : :-) No stuffed feeling after lunch
16:39:25 From Marco H : I actually got some sleep etc
16:39:28 From Denesh Bhabuuta : @Tom.. that is one reason.. the other is, people are currently used to being able to ask questions in an interactive way.. and Zoom webinar does not allow voice interactivity in a good way.. and a zoom meeting with hundreds of attendees would be a nightmare to manage properly.
16:39:39 From Nathalie Trenaman : I never woke up so fresh for a RIPE meeting as in the last days!
16:39:44 From Nurani Nimpuno : +1 Denesh!
16:39:48 From Luna : Will these last 3 slides be uploaded too?
16:40:05 From Nurani Nimpuno : Remote presentation works extremely well. Kudos to everyone involved. But let’s not assume that there are no questions or not a need to have a discussion, just because people don’t use the rather clunky Q&A interface. It is very difficult to have a nuanced discussion through a Q&A chat tool.
16:40:08 From Randy Bush Randy Bush : there are mic queue protocols for meetings such as this. see ietf.
16:40:14 From Marc Groeneweg : On the other hand: no new RIPE t-shirt to sleep in
16:40:21 From Paul Rendek : @Natalie… hehehe absolutely! Fresh as a daisy!
16:40:24 From Denesh Bhabuuta : +1 Nurani
16:40:31 From Daniel Karrenberg : Actually the report of the accountability task force also recommended to describe the responsibilities of the RIPE chair. This was completed during the final edit of the task force report and the task force just deleted it, rather than declaring immediate success. :-(
16:40:44 From Marco H : @marc, see website; make your own
16:40:47 From James Kennedy : I won't need a post RIPE meeting detox next week
16:40:49 From Ruben van Staveren : still miss the walking around, just need to remind myself to walk every now and then
16:41:19 From Luna : perfect thanks HPH :)
16:41:35 From Nathalie Trenaman : YES!!!
16:41:35 From Alexander Isavnin : @daniel it was not win of AccTF actually
16:41:39 From Paul Rendek : YUP
16:41:40 From Nathalie Trenaman : The QUIZ!
16:41:42 From Nick Hilliard : job looked like he was at the whiskey bof last night, when he was chairing routing-we this morning
16:41:45 From Will van Gulik : wowow
16:41:48 From Wolfgang Tremmel : I miss *seeing* people. DENOG vBeering was great as everybody was on camera.
16:41:51 From Marco H : @Ruben Apple Watch issues reminders, but I also mounted my iPad on a training bike for a few sessions
16:41:57 From Mike Hughes : Back to Q&A protocols - “Raise Hand” functionality in Zoom webinars is reasonable.
16:42:17 From Ruben van Staveren : MarcoH, wel that!