HANS PETTER HOLEN: Okay. So, then the next thing on the agenda is Working Group Chairs collective, which I originally planned for after the break, but let me do some quick introductions here on why we are ‑‑ why I have picked these agenda items for this Plenary.

So, a while back, we had an accountability task force and they came up with a set of recommendations. They have been published on the website, so you can find them here at this URL, and so far we completed number 2, 6 and 7, and we have 12 more to go.

Working Group chairs already had a lunch this week, but we decided to split it in two so we had a starter on Monday, we published the results from the minutes from that meeting, and we will have the dessert, the evaluation of the RIPE meeting next week.

So, I think since we ‑‑ since we then dig into Working Group Chairs collective, I have three items there and I think the first one is a really quick one, so I'll deal with that one now and that's regarding the Working Group Chairs collective and the recommendation number 12 here is maybe it's a good idea to define what the Working Group Chair collective does and what it is responsible for.

The second item I'll come to after the break is recommendation 7, the Working Group Chair selection.

And then a third item on the Working Group Chair support.

So, going back to the first one here, to actually write up a documentation on what's the Working Group Chair's collective and what it's responsible for? A bit of background here is that we do have a document describing the role of the Working Group Chairs, but we don't have anything written that describes what they do collectively, such as in the procedure for the RIPE Chair, they have the responsibility to appoint an interim Chair if the Chair steps down which they actually did.

So, the Working Group Chairs put together a task force of two volunteers, Erik and Joao, and they have started to work, they met this week, they have written an earlier draft and then they plan to refine that draft, to publish it, and then finally call for consensus.

So maybe this is a good point to take questions on that, Jan?

JAN ZORZ: Yes, we have two open questions and four minutes to go.

From Luna: "With these two last slides we uploaded to" and that is the only question, basically ‑‑ three last slides, basically.

HANS PETTER HOLEN: I'm not quite sure I understood the question.

JAN ZORZ: If these slides will be uploaded, I think.

HANS PETTER HOLEN: Yes, indeed. So, I was editing on the slides just before we started and I intend to slit them up and link them under the agenda items for each of the agenda after the session is over.

JAN ZORZ: There are no other open questions.

HANS PETTER HOLEN: If there are no other questions, then maybe we should move on to the very important thing that was missed out in the last break. Are we ready for that?

JAN ZORZ: I think they are. The chat is quite lively, so people are alive.

HANS PETTER HOLEN: It's more like the quiz... question... is the quizmaster ready?

(Coffee break and quiz)